Alliance Morgan Mckinzie High School Use the FACTS and Justify
We focus schoolwide on improving literacy throughout all content areas by implementing justification strategies on a daily basis as measured by student growth on internal assessments and CAASPP.

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  • The vision of the robotics program is to introduce the fields of engineering and robotics to students in East Los Angeles to give them real-world experience with the application of science and math. We believe that everything these students will experience through this program will make them more competitive individuals in the pursuit of their future academic and professional endeavors.



  • To design and build robots that will compete against other high schools’ robotics teams in a variety of designated challenges.


Student learning outcomes

  • Foster interest in science and math by providing fun, engaging, and challenging real-world engineering problems to solve.
  • Combine abstract and spatial thinking, as well as organizational and planning skills, to perform in a competitive environment.
  • Learn to use sophisticated hardware and programming methods.
  • Advance from being users of technology to creators of technology.
  • Develop and hone collaboration skills that will help students in future academic and work settings.
  • Cultivate a sense of identity and confidence as a STEM-oriented individual.