Alliance Morgan Mckinzie High School Use the FACTS and Justify
We focus schoolwide on improving literacy throughout all content areas by implementing justification strategies on a daily basis as measured by student growth on internal assessments and CAASPP.

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Eagle Pride

Eagle Pride  
Look Good, Be A Scholar
  • Be in Academic Attire every day
  • Be here on time ready to work
  • Have all your required materials daily
  • Learn like a scholar in an Academic Setting
Treat Others As You Wish to be Treated
  • Respect the beliefs, ideas and opinions of others 
  • Treat yourself and others with kindness, caring and fairness
  • Respond appropriately in all situations
  • Acknowledge personal mistakes, take responsibility and make amends
Work Hard, Get Smarter, Achieve
  • Dedicate yourself to complete your work
  • Read, analyze, use the facts and justify
  • Challenge yourself to reach demanding goals
  • Prepare yourself for college and beyond